'Second Life'® Land Rental Service

Second Life virtual land rental with Sambiglyon

'Second Life'® Land Rental Service

Sambiglyon operates a chain of hugely successful and safe 'cities' in the online virtual reality world Second Life called the Eduislands.

As one of the longest-running providers of land in Second Life - from beautiful ground locations to soaring private sky platforms - Sambiglyon has been hosting official presences since 2007 for personal and professional projects. The majority of our custom comes from word of mouth recommendation alone - the name 'Eduislands' is famed for capability, reliability, trustability, friendliness, value.for money and premium quality of service and support in all languages!

The Eduislands are led by Sambiglyon's hugely experienced Community Manager (Marty Grover in the real world, Fleet Goldenberg in Second Life), who is well known and highly regarded by both professional and consumer Second Life users for his deep knowledge, his friendliness and fantastic level of above-and-beyond customer service.

Even better, a Second Life paid 'Premium Account' membership is not required to lease Eduislands land, and the price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden extras, such as the monthly 'Tier' maintenance payments that land owners in Second Life normally have to make on top of the purchase cost of their land. With Sambiglyon and the Eduisands, you pay a single fixed rate with no hidden surprises!

Second Life Land Rental Prices

Land prices start at only L$50 per week in Second Life Linden Dollar currency for a 32x32 m (1024 sq m) land with a 100 prim object placement allowance. L$50 is approximately equivalent to just $0.21 (21 US Cents / 0.20 EUR / £0.15 GBP (15 pence).

If you already have a Second Life account, you can visit an example 32x32 m land to evaluate its size by logging in and then clicking on the button below to open a teleport page in your web browser. Click the "Visit This Location" button on the page and then the "Launch Application" button to be offered a teleport in your Second Life viewer program.


Additional prims - the components that virtual objects in Second Life are constructed from - can be rented for your land at a rate of L$1 per prim per week. For example, 50 additional prims would be L$50 a week extra, 100 more prims would be L$100 a week extra, and so on.

Please contact us by email or Second Life Instant Message for a precise price quote for prim expansion packages and land sizes larger than 32x32 m.

Second Life Rental Terms of Service (TOS)

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